The benefits of relocatable self-storage structures.

Get To Lease-Up As Fast As Possible With Relocatable Self-Storage

Are you looking for a storage solution that can be easily installed, customized, and moved around? Look no further than High Plains Manufacturing's relocatable self-storage units. These movable units are the perfect solution for transforming unused spaces into revenue. With the storage industry gaining momentum, it's a great time to capitalize on this trend with proven products and tools. Demand for self-storage is higher than it's ever been! 

Customizable Self-Storage Units to Meet Your Needs

When choosing storage units for facilities, look for a variety of unit sizes, custom colors and features, and flexibility to fill unused spaces on properties. High Plains Manufacturing's relocatable self-storage units meet and exceed these criteria. These units are flexible, movable, and can be placed anywhere to provide storage solutions. They are perfect for new and existing self-storage facilities looking to increase revenue.

We offer a wide range of products, customization, quality control, and shortened lead times. With these units being made in America, companies can avoid the hassles and long lead times of overseas procurement.

High Plains Manufacturing Offers Shortened Lead Times for Delivery

You can work with us to determine the best site layout and unit mix for each facility. Options include various door configurations, partitions, and sizes. Once ordered, the units are delivered flat-packed. They can be assembled in 30 minutes or less, making them ready for tenants quickly.

Portable Self-Storage With The Same Components as Permanent Structures

But how do these relocatable self-storage units compare to other storage structures? First, you'll see that these units have the same components and qualities that permanent structures have – but with easy assembly and no construction costs. The cost savings are huge, with the units costing only 50-60% of National Construction Code (NCC) products. Examples of extra expenses include the slab, general contractor, site plans, and engineering. And High Plains Manufacturing's movable units can produce the same income as NCC – and they often lease-up quicker.

Quick and Easy Assembly with Relocatable Self-Storage

The speed to lease-up is impressive. With much quicker installation timelines, you can start earning revenue sooner. And the ease of placement (meaning you can tweak and change things on the go) is ideal for businesses looking to upgrade and increase revenue quickly on self-storage properties. From a planning perspective, these transportable units are much easier than a permanent structure.

Movable Units Provide Placement Ease

High Plains Manufacturing's relocatable self-storage units provide an excellent solution for transforming unused spaces into revenue. They are cost-effective, customizable, movable, and easy to install. Whether you're a new or existing self-storage facility, these units can help increase revenue and meet your storage needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your self-storage needs.